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Notes and words, when coalesced with passion and eloquence, can give life to music, esthetic and persuasive enough to touch souls, move hearts, and spark movements that promote inclusiveness, openness, love, and peace in cultures, societies, and nations at large.

 Two individuals, widely different in education, professional inclinations, and personal penchants, yet akin in their commitment to patronize these notions through music, embarked on a joint venture as a vehicle to popularize these values-- thus the dawning of INTERAGE Records.

 Farzin Farhadi, a graduate of Berklee college of Music, a superb Saxophonist, and a commanding music producer for two decades, and, Dr. Shahnaz Nikpay, a graduate of George Washington University, the architect, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of two successful companies for over three decades, joined hands in this undertaking and co-founded the INTERAGE Records.

 INTERAGE Records, produces, promotes, and supports music, primarily in the World Music genre, laced with lyrics from both revered ancient and contemporary poets that bear and popularize inclusiveness, harmony, and peaceful co-existence.

 It also aims to support other organizations that promote the cause of humanity through their mission by either live performances, or availing a portion if it's financial resources to these entities.