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Shahnaz Nikpay



Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Interage Records, she is a graduate of George Washington University with a Ph.D., and has held numerous executive positions in health care field throughout the country for the past 30 years. She has been the Chief Financial Officer of a health Care Agency, and architect and CEO of two health Plans in San Francisco Bay Area, pioneering some of the most innovative, financially successful & trailblazing programs in health care field. After retiring at a relatively young age, she decided to pursue her interest in a widely divergent arena-- music industry-- applying her organizational, financial, and legal experience and acumens to promote a visionary and upcoming recording and performing fusionist. As such, she has organized, sponsored, and executive produced multitude live music performances throughout the world, as well as four ground breaking, and artistically noteworthy albums, to successfully promote and introduce this young talented artist to the public.               

Farzin Farhadi

Musician, Composer, Producer


Co-founder, Artistic and Production Director of Interage Records, He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music & a superb saxophonist by training. He is a multi-talented song writer & producer who has worked in diverse genres for more than two decades. His compositions, widely influenced by his partiality to jazz, and conspicuously infused with esthetic tunes manifesting his affinity for Persian melodies, are soulful, inspiring, rapturous, and uncommonly, and uniquely him. His body of work is voluminous and includes, just to mention a few, interpretative collection of his compositions based on the poetry of Rumi, and Hafez featuring some of the legendary Iranian performing & recording artists, the last two albums of the trailblazing fusion vocalist Hamed Nikpay -- the Spellbound, and Reaching You" albums, and multiple other albums in collaboration with other artists. He has had live performances throughout the world, as a performer, musical director and producer before enthusiastic audiences.