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Persian Jazz Quartet (PJQ) - "BRIDGES"

An innovative fusion of Persian music with intricate harmonies, subtle nuances, and rhythmic complexities of the American jazz. Unique soundscapes that aspire to build bridges between mins, cultures, humanities and advancing causes of world peace.

In Bridges, Persian Jazz Quartet (PJQ) successfully fuses the poetry of the folk music of the ancient lands that occupy the vast Iranian Plateau with the intricate harmonies, subtle nuances, and rhythmic complexities of the Americas, most notably Jazz.
At first glance these traditions may appear many worlds apart, but upon closer study one discovers that they have more elements in common than not. Most striking among these similarities are the usage of modes, and the improvisatory approach of presenting musical ideas within the formal framework of a composition, and its performance.
“Bridges” is part of the continuing evolution that occurs when cultures meet in harmony. With the help and generous contributions of masterful musicians
Kendall Kay and Edwin Livingston, FARZIN FARHADI and JAMSHID BASTANI offer us unique soundscapes that aspire to build bridges between minds, cultures, and humanities.
Interage Records is proud to present this highly innovative group of artists, and commends them on their genuine effort to advance the causes of peace, understanding, and friendship.

Behrouz Moein - "A NEW DAMN"

A collection of quintets for Kamancheh, with compositions seamlessly blending the Persian Dastgah with western classical music. A masterful blending of unlike sounds, that although west/Persian classical, are richly soulful & esthetic in their core.

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Shervin Mohajer's "ANCIENT BOW" 

Biography:    Born in 1979, in Tehran, Iran, Shervin began his musical journey at the age of 10, receiving training in Violin, Piano, and Tombak.  After graduating from Surah Conservatory in Tehran, he pursued his interest in Kamancheh by performing with Maestros Ardeshir Kamkar and Darvish-Reza Monazzami, while continuing his tutelage under copious instructors such as Ahmad Pejman, Vartan Sahakian, Mohsen Elhamian, and Hamid Dibazar. Shervin's first appearance on stage was at 17, pursuing his artistic aspirations in diverse and eclectic directions as a musician, performer, collaborator, innovator, author, and teacher during his adult musical life. 

His live performances in concerts and music festivals have been prolific, worldwide and in some of the most prestigious venues, accompanying and collaborating with some of the most distinguished ensembles. They include Molavi Ensemble with Vocals by Maestro Shahram Nazeri, Iran String Orchestra, led by Maestro Kamkar with vocals by Homayoon Shajarian, Aref Ensemble led by Maestro Parviz Meshkian and kamkars Group. Also, Aftab, Razo Niyaz, Inak, Eshtiagh, Hessar, Hamsaz, and Darkoob ensembles, and Bochum Symphony Orchestra.  He has also performed in concerts with Maestro Sima Bina & Mahsa Vahdat, and with acclaimed vocalists Mohammad Motamedi, Ali-Reza Ghorbani, and Hossein Alishapour. He was the soloist in the Peace Horn Concert with the Tehran Chamber Orchestra, under baton of Bardia Kiaras, the acclaimed Persian composer and conductor.

Shervin's eclectic penchant in music goes far beyond Classical Persian genre.  He has played in more than 100 music albums in traditional, folk, fusion (electroacoustic), and pop as a studio artist, and has produced musical programs on radio and Televisiontelevision. His proficiency and style in playing Kamancheh have made him a favorite among the Who is Who of Persian music such as song writers, composers, and music directors. The list is lengthy and includes -- Ahmad Pejman, Parviz Meshkatian, Fereydoun Shahbazian, Houshang Kamkar, Ardavan Kamkar, Arsalan Kamkar, Fardin Khalatbari, Nasser Cheshmazar, Vartan Sahakian, Majid Derakhshani, Hamid Dibazar, Ali Ghamsari, Karen Homayounfar, Aria Aziminezhad, Tord Gustavsen, Amin Honarmand, Peyman Yazdanian, Behzad Abdi, Mani Jafarzadeh, Keyvan Saket, Arash Gooran, and Bardia Kiaras. 

Shervin's ingenuity & interest in history & evolution of Kamancheh culminated in his pivotal contribution to prototype and introduction of Alto Kamancheh with the efforts of Masters Luthiers, Ghanbarimehr, Mohammadi brothers, and Hamid-Reza Pourafzal, in 2001.  He has also endeavored in research and study of production, and tune up, and has prototyped specialized tools for bowed string instruments, especially Fiddle.  Additionally, he teaches at Tehran Conservatory of Music and Tehran University of Art, and has been tutoring for 14 years.  He has Authored "On the Apex of Dawn" (30 pieces for Kamancheh, composed by Ardeshir Kamkar), books on methodology for Kamancheh and several others soon to be published. Last but not least, Shervin has contributed importantly to the formation of Iranian string ensembles, such as duet and quartet, and is the architect and founder of Ancient Bow Ensemble. He is the honoree of KKV CO. (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) – Norway’s oldest and most influential independent label, the first prize winner in Kamancheh at the 13th International Fadjr Music Festival, Tehran, the winner at the 1st Popular & Fusion Music Festival, Tehran, & has been nominated for the best Iranian performer at the 1st and 2nd Musicema Website Annual Celebration.

Album description : Instrumental pieces for Kamencheh, & Alto Kamancheh,  reflecting a blending of Persian Classical, & Folkloric melodies modally harmonized, lending a Western Classical edge to the Album Notes.

This album is a collection of instrumental pieces for Kamancheh & Alto Kamancheh written and performed by Shervin Mohajer, an artist with a distinguished style in performing these instruments and solid foundation in classical Persian & Western classical music -- attributes that make his music both esthetic and innovative.  Kamancheh, or Middle Eastern Spiked Fiddle, is a bowed instrument with a round soundbox covered with skin and 4 strings whose historical ancestry extends back to the 10th century Rubab.  Although Kamancheh evolved into Violin in Europe later during the Middle Ages, it maintained its place of honor & choice with many Middle Eastern & Persian musicians. It sounds similar to Violin but with a nasal and soulful sound which is aesthetically divine& blissful.

The pieces presented in the Ancient Bow, have been in the works for sometimes.  Some pieces are improvisational, initially performed live in concerts and subsequently arranged for Kamancheh, Alto Kamancheh and percussion; while others are inspirational pieces written by the artist induced by his solitude and his life on the road.  The compositions reflect a blending of Persian classical and folkloric melodies with modal harmonization thus giving a Western classical edge to this collection.

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Music of South America, Central America, Spain and Middle East are esthetically  represented in this acoustic instrumental collection, reflecting the collaboration and musical inspiration of two super HISPANICA

Music of South America, Central America, Spain and Middle East are esthetically  represented in this acoustic instrumental collection, reflecting the collaboration and musical inspiration of two superb guitarists, song writers -- Alfredo Caceres, and Waldo Valenzuela.
The album is an eclectic collection of Latin rhythms from Argentine, Brazil, Spain, and Caribbean Latin America, with an innovative and seamless infusion of jazz, and pop overlays that make  the collection poignantly engaging and interesting to listen to. The Latin influences, coupled with nylon guitar style, places this collection in a unique guitar world music genre.

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